Volt 1776 Freedom Drive

Historically America has been a country built on oil, but GM took a major step to change that when they took the Volt halfway across the country starting in Austin, Texas and ending in New York city. The road trip starting on July 1st and culminated on independence day. The journey took the Volt 1776 miles in just 3 days, simultaneously  making a reference to the revolution and taking on the Nissan Leaf.

The road trip was an important PR and marketing opportunity for GM. The distance covered demonstrated the Volt’s best characteristic, it’s not limited to traveling 100 miles at a time. GM was also able to put the skeptics behind them and demonstrate that the Volt is not just a new car but a revolution.

The question though remains, do Americans want to pay up to $10,000 more for a 300 mile range extender, or will they be content with the shorter range of a Nissan Leaf. By the end of the year we should begin to see the answer to that question, as consumers begin taking delivers of the two cars.

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