GM releases Volt Pricing around 33k

At the Plug-in America conference in San Jose, GM announced the pricing for the Volt. The base model will start at $41,000, before a fedral rebate, but will be cut down to $33,500 after a $7,500 federal stimulous. GM also announced a 36 month lease option will be available for $350 a month with $2500 down. They also put in a clause that will allow customers to buy the Volt at the end of the lease. This is smart considering the backlash from when GM crushed the EV-1.

In an interview with Katie Fehrenbacher from Earth2Tech Mark Perry pointed out that the Leaf cost $13,000 less then a Volt. This is taking into account California’s $5000 electric vehicle rebate.

This does not mean the Volt is not compeditive. Besides having an additonal 240 miles of range over the Leaf the Volt appears to have the styling and feel of an upscale Chevy sedan, while offering fuel economy far superior to any luxury car. Of course until the Volt shows up in showrooms it is imposible to say whether the interior will be as nice in person as it appears on the internet.

Taking about the internet Nissan announced that the Leaf will always be connected thanks to AT&T. This could give the Leaf an advantage if the smart grid revs up, though GM has announced the Volt will come with 5 years of OnStar for free. Still, having an intenet connected car could prove to be very useful for the Leaf, especial in terms of finding charging stations. But regadless of whether you choose the Leaf or Volt it’s clear that plug-in cars will be hightech.

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